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PRP/PRF Microneedling

PRF stands for Platelet Rich Fibrin. It contains platelets and white blood cells that produce powerful growth factors that dramatically magnify the rejuvenating effects of the Microneedling procedure.


Prior to your Microneedling treatment, a small sample of blood is collected to prepare your PRF serum. The blood sample is slowly spun in a centrifuge, isolating the white blood cells and platelets to create a nutrient rich concentrate. During your Microneedling procedure, your Esthetician will topically apply the PRF concentrate to the treatment area, allowing the nutrient rich serum to penetrate deep into the layers of your skin via the micro channels created by Microneedling.

Microneedling with Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) has emerged as the top choice for natural skin rejuvenation. This innovative skin treatment merges collagen induction therapy (Microneedling) with Platelet Rich Fibrin. It is a popular option for enhancing skin tone, texture, and addressing various skin issues such as fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots, acne scars, under-eye bags, and revitalizing tired skin. FDA approved, Microneedling with PRF effectively revitalizes the skin by promoting cell regeneration and stimulating collagen and elastin production. n addition to the benefits of Microneedling, PRF can improve tear troughs and deep nasolabial folds, dark bags under the eyes, volume loss and brown spots on the face, neck, and chest.


With its non-invasive nature, quick application, comfort, and minimal downtime, Microneedling with PRF is ideal for those seeking skin improvement and a youthful look without opting for surgery or enduring lengthy recovery periods.

$525 Single, $1450 Package of 3            90 Minute Treatment

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